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    The “fly on the wall” documentary Inside Peace chronicles the lives of several inmates both inside a prison in Texas, USA, as well as their lives following release as they explore the possibility of change through the Peace Education Program. Filmmaker Cynthia Fitzpatrick's multi award winning film was premiered in Australia in Perth followed by Mandurah in April 2017. Since then screenings have been held in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Armidale and Adelaide. Ms. Fitzpatrick says the program impacted on many levels, from a reduction in violence in the overall prison population to a reduction in recidivism. The screenings in Australia have led to correctional facilities and other organisations taking up the opportunity of running the Peace Education Program in Australia.

    Further screenings will continue throughout Australia. A recent screening was held in Frankston, Melbourne at the multiplex cinema and a screening is planned for Alice Springs in July 2018.

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