International Peace Event and Birthday Celebration


    What does it take to raise a village? At Ivory’s Rock it took the support of many local services to provide the first-rate accommodation, food and services to close on 4,000 people who attended the Peace Event that ran for five days from 11th to 15th September with daily talks by Keynote Speaker, Prem Rawat. Delegates from 70 countries attended, with half staying onsite in a range of accommodations from glamping, cabins, motor homes, single and double dome tents.

    Many local organisations helped with the event, such as the Flinders Peak Rural Fire Service, who assisted guests with their luggage, acted as emergency backup and, with such a dry spring, were on alert for any sign of fire, also Harrisville Lions Club, who helped with the parking of near to 2000 guests daily. This year neighbour Nicholas Conroy’s business Specialised Security Services was contracted and the guests were very impressed by his team’s helpful attitude.

    Guests appreciated the beauty and tranquility of Ivory’s Rock with regular sightings of the many wallabies, the abundant birdlife and the occasional koala. They were inspired by talks by Keynote Speaker, Prem Rawat, internationally recognized Ambassador for Peace and, at the close of the event, as guests departed and contractors packed up, all agreed they had enjoyed themselves immensely.  A highlight was the opportunity to celebrate Prem’s 60th birthday with an early birthday celebration held with Prem and all the guests in the Pavilion.



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