Kifubon South Pacific Inc. at Amaroo 2018

    During the international peace event in September 2018, thanks to the generosity of the Ivory’s Rock Foundation Board, Kifubon South Pacific had a great presence in the heart of the action in and around the Pavilion area.

    Our thanks also to author Mr Prem Rawat who signed copies of his book Splitting the Arrow, which were raffled during the event and raised close to $6000 for the purchase of more books.

    Kifubon South Pacific is grateful for the generous support of donations from attendees at the Amaroo 2018 event.

    During the event we were able to share the Kifubon South Pacific story and remarkable responses were received from local and international visitors to our booth. Attendees from East Timor and Indonesia sought us out and asked if we could extend the Kifubon humanitarian project to those countries. And now, they (with local representation) have been added to the Kifubon South Pacific outreach.

    The aim of Kifubon South Pacific is to help create a culture of understanding, empathy and compassion by donating inspirational books to individuals and organisations who provide care and support to people in need.

    We are embarking on a program to encourage corporate sponsorship and support across the region. If you can assist or suggest potential sponsors please contact us with details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and further information can be found on our website at

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