Introducing Ivory’s Rock at Earth Frequency Festival 2019
    The recent Earth Frequency Festival held at Ivory’s Rock February 15th-18th  drew its biggest crowd yet with 5000 people attending. This year Ivory’s Rock decided to have a presence at EFF after five years of hosting the event. The main purpose was to create a space where people could find out more about Ivory’s Rock , hang out and  become aware of  Prem Rawat.’s message of inner peace.

    A slide show of quotes by Prem Rawat seemed to be enjoyed by a number of people. There was an interest in the property and Ivory’s Rock Conference facilities. A few people expressed interest in using the venue for different types of events they were organising. Others were keen to volunteer at Ivory’s Rock.


    A beautiful festival tent was supplied by Avid Marshall, a local event organiser, who joined the team and a  collaborative effort resulted in a warm, comfortable and inviting space which fitted perfectly with the EFF décor and chilled vibe. It became a space where festival-goers could relax, express, enquire, sleep.


    A banner was specifically designed that reflected Ivory’s Rock indigenous names and was in keeping with Earth Frequency’s emphasis on earth connection and tribal roots. A design of the mountain range framing the area by Wendy Lovejoy (now passed) was the centrepiece.  Ivory’s Rock itself is known as Muntambin “home of the native plum”. A local elder informed us that the area could be called Yurinna which means “pathway”. A wonderful metaphor!  The final design was created by Vibeke Pederson.

    Co-ordinator Bruce Parmentier said that there was a general good feeling towards Ivory’s Rock and appreciation for being able to be at the venue. He thanked a great team who hung in there through three long days and nights: Kevin McMahon, Rich Neel, Deborah Roettinger, Kim Moxham, Jacky Glover, Uma Lethbridge and the many people who helped in some way.

    Jacky Glover  from the team said  “It was such a quiet and restful vibe in this little sanctuary. Some people came and sat for a while, others chatted a little, and others full on crashed out. People paused for a while, read, strolled on or sat down to rest. We made some sweet friendships.”
    And team member Rich Neel said  “I was deeply touched and inspired by the beautiful and loving people I met. Sincere smiles, eyes filled with joy and hope, So many young people open and fresh trying to be a part of a better world. People from around the world, various ethnicities, colours and beliefs able to share a common bond of faith in the beautiful potential of humanity.”

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